How can I create a new account?

In order to create a new account, all you have to do is to:
  • Open hour homepage
  • Enter your bitcoin address to the main form and click the 'Log in' button.
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    How much can I earn?

    Your earnings are depending on the current Bitcoin/USD exchange rate and the revenue received from adverts.
    You can click here to see the current current claim rates.
    How to claim free satoshi?

    Just solve the captcha, click the 'Claim satoshi!' button and get your free satoshi.
    Repeat this action every 5 minutes.
    What is the requirement to withdraw?

    The minimum requirement is 0.001 BTC.
    This is the equivalent to three hundred thousand satoshi.
    That is around $0.5.
    Do you have referral program?

    You can see your own referral link after you have logged in.
    You can recieve up to 75% of all claims made by your referrals!
    All referral satoshi will be credited to your balance right after each referral's claim.
    I lost my password what can I do?

    We will reset it and send you a new one, please contact us.
    Can I promote my website here?

    Contact us with details, we may consider your propose and contact you back.
    I need further help, where can I contact you?

    Simply click on the Contact page link and compile the form, we will try to answer as fast as possible!